Hold Fast :: Various Artists

All works 2006, various media

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Gus Clutterbuck
‘Ritual Object 3’
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Stephanie Crase
‘Unlucky Rabbit’
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Bridget Currie
'touch wood'
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Lisa Harms
‘rearwindow (castlekeep)’
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Peter McKay
‘Untitled (FEAR BALLS)’”
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Christopher Orchard
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Laura Wills
‘Urban Bend’

pic 1
porcelain paper clay, bone china, sliptrailed & inlaid decoration, glaze photograph by Grant Hancock

pic 2
pen on paper

pic 3
pocket sculpture wood, watercolour paint, safety pin, wire (shown attached to jacket pocket)

pic 4
cloth, hair, wool, felt, fur, digital photograph

pic 5
video still

pic 6
solvent based inks on golf balls

pic 7
pen on paper

pic 8
ink and crayon on paper