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All works 2007, various media

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Sarah CrowEST
'Most Festive Cake Ever'
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Josh 2000
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Julia Moretti
'Functional Food'
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Romi Graham
'Snow Trooper'
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Shaw Hendry
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Roy Ananda
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Julia Robinson
'Canto XII - Inferno'
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Beth Evans
'Edible Book'
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Steven Carson

pic 1
sponge, icing sugar, cardboard, sprinkles, bobbles & fake flowers 50 h x 50cm diam.

pic 2
cake & icing 40 x 40cm

pic 3
edible rice paper, marshmallows, icing sugar, egg white, water, 9.5 x 8 x 10cm (individual seats)

pic 4
ice-cream and chocolate sauce 20x20x20cm

pic 5
carved honey dew melon, variable dimensions

pic 6
aparition on toast, variable dimensions

pic 7
alphabetti spaghetti & tomato soup, variable dimensions

pic 8
toast, paté, glacé orange, chives, orange peel, variable dimensions

pic 9
marzipan, food colouring, 11 x 14 x 3.5cm